Roger Davis' Buick powered Geo in Hot Rod Mag


On Lucky #7
May 23, 2001
Just got the latest issue and there is a write up in the "Reader's Rides" section.

Seems they really want him to run "Drag Week" next year.

Congrats on the coverage!
Haven't seen it yet, my subscription ran out. Got a scan or digital picture of it?
I saw you have some new sheet metal panels. It looks really good. Where did you get that scoop for the turbo inlet?
I made it. Not seeing the pictures, I'm not sure if you can see the air filter box on the hood it mates to, the Camaro SS scoop on the hood is functional.

PLEEEEEASE, let me see it...
I scanned it and tried to upload but the file is too large. I do not know how to reduce it.

I am emailing it to you..

Let me know if you receive it..
I knew it was you! Congratulations and I hope you go to Drag Week, Pump Gas Drags, etc and show some of the v8's what it's about. :biggrin: