rollbar dimensions


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Here's my cars current state. Upon having an accident where I jump the curve. I have a Precision stretched SLIC which requires to replace one of the top left coolant jet bolts with the one thats provided with the kit which is longer and secures the aluminum bracket as part of the install. Well when I jump the curve is literally ripped the SLIC of its brackets and caused that top left bolt to bend thus cracking the water pump and slightly damaging the front cover.

I have purchased all the replacement parts including the new precision SLIC. Now, I havent been able to get the car into the mechanic to have it fixed so in the interim I decided to place the SLIC in its place and run all the hoses (turbo oulet/inlet to plenum and turbo cold air induction pipe. However, I did not secure any connections with clamps since its a temporary thing to allow me to start the car on a weekly basis until I can get in to see the mechanic.

So here's what I noticed, during one of he startups my FPR line on was at 60lbs and I could not get it to move so I figured the FPR i had somehow became faulty. So I ordered an Accufab FPR and its doing the same thing.

I am now clueless as to what is causing this. Can anyone shed some light as to what could be causing this PLEASE?
Yep, return line restricted. Not able to flow enough. You say your front cover was damaged from the accident - the fuel lines that run along the front of the engine were probably bent or pinched.