Roller bearings


Feb 3, 2002
Is there any "rule of thumb" as to which way the roller bearings in a transmission is installed? ie black face up toward the pump or down toward the tailshaft....

if you read technical journals produced by the sae or the design practices of automatic transmission usually states that the 90 degree race or corner of the bearing race shoud be installed up against the 90 degree corner of the mating a 2004r as well as other units the black is usually used to identify the "this side up" of the bearing .this is not always the case as the overdrive ring gear bearing in the 200 has the black side facing down and all others the opposit way.pressing on the bearing and rotating it on each side will sometimes yield it proper position by how smooth it rotates.
Then, you get real oddballs, like the bearing in the 400 betweeen the center support & sun gear. It uses 2 identical races, and they are not part of the bearing, which can be really confusing if you don't watch it taking it apart. :confused:

I almost got bit by that one.
they are different if you reverse them the support will break the race when installed.the one between the output shaft and rear ring gear is similar also to the lower center support bearing