rough idle


It's my Granny's car!
My car is idling rough after sitting up nearly 2 years. I had sta bil in the gas for what good it did. I pumped tank out and put fresh 93 and it idles better and smoother with time. But still runs like crap. I know a couple of gallons are left in tank and I put 5 gal of 93 in but it still smells stale. I think my injectors are varnished up from sitting. Will a gallon of Xylene added in the tank clean them out or do I need to replace them?
If you pumped out the tank via the fuel rail, there should of only been about a gal. left. I had my GN sitting for about 8 yrs. and I didn't have any injector problems. Try replacing the plugs and unscrew your IAC and make sure the pintle isn't stuck. Then reset the TPS and the IAC.
Tarey D.

Did plugs first thing. I let it sit and idle for 45 minutes or so. Had to reset the fuel psi it was low(25) and it idles pretty good now but has a very slight skip to it. The exhaust still has that stale gas smell to it.
HTH's! Just yesterday my Limited which is gong into body shop
Was doing the same thing. I figured all the things that were
mentioned. Just for laughs. I hooked my T'Link to it.

Found out it was the 02 sensor. Maybe,I'm wrong. But it can't hurt. So going to replce it today. I hope. Car uses a lot of gas too.
It just was running rough.

Hope this helped. By All means check the easy stuff out first.
Just trying to help. My car has sat for 2 years.

Good Luck............