Routing wiring for pillar mounted gauges

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Feb 24, 2007
Who has mounted gauges on the pillar? I'm looking at doing this, and I wonder if the dash has to be removed to do it.
hello people; I don't remember the exact routing and it's a boost gauge. I did use the existing hole that was for a mounting screw. Then I used some two way tape to hold it. I didn't want to put a extra hole for the tube but at least twice a summer it falls off and the pod sits on the dash for a while. I'd like to hear more also.
I was actually considering a 3 gauge pod. I got one and am not very impressed with the fit. I contacted the manufacturer and was told it was intended to go over the original pillar trim. That's another story though, I'm just curious how to route any wires/tube from under the dash to the pillar. I'd like to keep the front speaker and not bring them through at that location.
Up the side of the dash between dash & door area. Once up in place push wires back along side of dash & they are out of sight. I have an A'F on the pillar & you dont see any wires at all.
I did the same, boost and oil pressure and I also mounted the alky 'on' neon there too. No wires/tubes on show.
Routing Pillar gauges wires

I don't know if this is what you are trying to do, but all I did was remove the original pillar, ran all of the gauges wires on the bottom of the pillar connects to the dash, and I also installed the new three gauge pillar pod on top of the original pillar. There is a factory hole and some room there since there is wires already there. I don't have pictures of during the gauges installation, but as you can see I have oil pressure gauge, vac/boost gauge/ and air/fuel wideband gauge. Also my 87' GN has T-Top, and don't mind the ScanMaster location, I place it there temporary since I have an idea of relocating it.


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Yes I have pillar mounted gauges. No I did not remove the dash. All i did was drill a hole in the a pillar then fish the wire/tube down until it came under the dash, found it and connected it to where it needed to go.
I have a dual gauge pod on the pillar and back when I installed it, I routed all the wiring and the nylon hose for the boost gauge through a hole I made in the original pillar post moulding and down under the dash. I also used two screws to hold the pillar in place as it's common that it falls off every now and then when using some two-way tape...Below is a picture of how it looks...

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Thanks for the tips everyone. toofast, nice fuel pressure gauge. Is it accurate? I'm putting a Christmas list together...
toofast, nice fuel pressure gauge. Is it accurate? I'm putting a Christmas list together...

I installed this electric fuel pressure gauge (Auto Meter part#4763) about a month and a half ago and when I compared the readings with the mechanical gauge on my fuel rail, there was a small difference of approximately 3 pounds between them. Although it's hard to say for sure which one gives the most accurate reading, I still think it gives you a good idea of the pressure in the rail...

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fuel pressure gage

Electric gage obviously there is a sender somewhere where might that be ? So obviuosely you do not have an iscolater this would definitely be good to check pressure at full throtle without tapeing a gage to the windshield.
That brings to mind-what about the sender? Where is it plumbed in?

In the Auto Meter kit, there is a sender to be installed on the fuel rail, to which connects the supplied wiring harness which in turn, goes all the way inside the car to the gauge. No isolator needed in this kit.

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If you check on my GNONYX thread, you will see that I have a three gauge pod set up from GBodyParts. Most T-Top owners get the two gauge pod set up, but I wanted three, so I had to cut the top potion where it meets with the T-Top molding connects. I made a strip of molding to cover the two joints that touch together.
I have one of those but I didn't get it from Brian, so I am not speaking to the quality of his product. I really don't remember who I got it from, but I can tell you that it is designed to go over the original pillar trim and NOT to replace it. Without the original trim in place the metal pillar is visible the entire lenght of the windshield. Upon finding this out, I contacted the seller, if memory serves he was the distrubitor for the pod. He said only 2 companies produced them and they are vacuum formed, which doesn't lend itself to making 90 degree bends. Whatever. I didn't install it yet and am instead looking at another pod that's the subject of another current thread.
got mine here, love it. Got it prepainted, ran the wires and tube down behind then between the dash and door opening. Everything hidden, perfect fit. Had to trim about 1 inch on top due to t-top. // Lotek Inc.


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