RPO code for color


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If anybody knows where there is a list of RPO codes because I want to order a carpet but I don't know the color. The color is a light blue but I don't know the exact color. Also, for other option.
As far as I know I don't think there are any aftermarket carpet companies using the factory codes on their carpets. The interior color trim code is on the SPID label and is the number ending with the letter "I". I.e. Blue for 1984 is 22I and blue for 1985-1987 is 27I.
This site does a resonable job at listing G body RPO codes.

The two Eric listed had names and descriptions doesn't give the years however.

You can view all 3000+ codes as well and dig up the number and letter ones for interior stuff.

Then again your own SPID label tells you most of what you need to know. :cool:

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