Ruined New Wheels, Hit A Curb

I'm really sorry to hear that Dave!! Wow!! Do you still have your stock rims that you can put on for now??
Did it feel kinda like this?

That kinda happened to me one morning. It had rained the night before but the streets were dry except where a driveway meets the road. I quickly pulled out of a gas station and accidently hit about 2psi of boost! Damn thing spun 90 degrees and I was heading straight for a car! Talking about a heart attack! I was not trying to do ANYTHING except get in front of some traffic. I was soo scared! I never hit anything though, but my hands were FLYING around that steering wheel!

I have also experienced a big oil spill on the road going around a corner.. That is WORSE than ice!


Nope, sold the stockers. I'm not sure if (assuming the tires are still inflated, haven't checked) it'd hurt anything to leave them on or not. I don't know when the car is going anywhere, it's not going far without a realignment, for one. Heck, my rusty stockers and now my ruined wheels look about equally crappy. In the other thread some guy mentioned a shop he knew of that fixed stuff like this, I don't buy it. Chad, anywhere around here you think I might check with? I know I'm hosed though, have to dish out 200+ for new wheels, plus ?? for realignment. And right after I decided to buy the mods! ARGGH! Maybe this isn't the right path.