Running light problems

T Rubble

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Hey guys, I bought a 1987 buick regal WE4 a few weeks ago and have been having some problems with the running lights in the back. I turn on the lights and the headlights work, parking lights work, brake lights work, but no runnining lights (both of them are out). The bulbs are not bad, and I'm pretty sure it isn't a fuse as I checked all of them and they tested out ok. I am going to run through the wires tomorrow and see if it has a bad ground or something. Any ideas?
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It looks like a straight forward t/shoot. According to the diagram, the wire coming from the light switch, goes to the connector in the left/s corner of the trunk, to connector c-320 pin c. the 3rd pin from the outside edge of the con. brown wire. the ground wire is the one attached to the body by the connector c-320. from 320, the wire passes thru two more connectors and splices to get to their locations. Hope this helps.
Well, I feel obliged to post since the fix was so strange! I looked at the wire all the from the switch to the back, and it appeared to be the switch. I bought a new one from and turned them on and they worked. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what this was so I decided to make sure and went out and checked the running lights again. Not working again!
Well as we were checking the fuses, they just started working for no reason and I was messing with the plugs in the back making sure they were ok and not grounding out or anything. We had no idea what we did until they suddenly went out again. My dad was just getting up out from underneath the car and leaned on the drivers seat and it went out. So, we started just pressing on and off the seat the and the running lights kept going on and off. Pulled off the bottom aluminum panel under the door to check the wiring under there and found the seat belt sensor. I unplugged it and the on/off madness of the running lights suddenly turned to just staying on all the time! I really don't know what to say other than that has to be the most bizarre electrical problem I've ever encountered. So after all this I believe both the switch and the seat were intermittent problems by themselves and once the switch was replaced it allowed us to see the other problem by itself.
Anyways, I figured this out about a week ago and they still have not had a single problem working since. Thanks for the help and welcoming Shadow much appreciated.