Running Rough, loss of power after fuel filter change


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Dec 17, 2010
I bought a house and now selling the car. I hope to buy a GN back in a few years but I'm 26 and just starting out financially. Anyway, so I have the car up for sale and she is not showing well right now. I don't want to put a lot of money into the car with it up for sale. Here is what I know. FYI the car is stock motor/trans/fuel system. Never had any problems until I convinced myself to "fix" things.

The car never started on first crank. I was showing the car off for sale and decided to try to troubleshoot this. I started by replacing the fuel filter thinking there was undoubtedly restriction and being that it was original. The lines were very rusted at the filter and I ended up cutting the fuel line and using braided hose and clamps to put the new fuel filter in. I didn't want to pay for new fuel lines for obvious reasons.

I drove the car after putting the new filter in and it drove fine for about 15 mins. Then there was significant loss in power and surging. I checked fuel pressure at the rail and with key on, engine off, it shows 40 psig and then drops suddenly. I've traced that leak back to the fuel pump check valve by clamping the lines and seeing it hold pressure. I get it....that is probably why I had problems in the first place never starting on first crank. But, would this cause the car to run rough with loss of power?

I'm wondering if metal filings from me cutting the tubing could have clogged injectors. Is the next step to pull plugs and check for lean? I feel lazy and really just want to sell and not spend time working on it. Any advice and suggestions would be really appreciated on this one. Thanks
A good running car is worth more ! Check to make sure filter is installed correctly and replace pump. Yes a bad check will cause problem.
Thanks guys for the heads up. RaRonne, I checked the arrow and it is pointing to the front of the car. Turbofrank, I have a new fuel pump going in Sunday. I hope all problems go away.