Running wires under the dash?


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Any easy way to do this? Technically this is a Scanmaster question but that forum is generally dead, I figure I'll get a quicker answer here.

I want to hide the wires for my scanmaster to make it look better, but I don't feel like tearing apart a whole dash or anything. I've never worked with the dash in these cars. Is there any simple place where you can remove a clip or two and have enough clearance to get the wiring down to the drivers footwell?

Any suggestions appreciated, I'm sure most TR owners aren't driving around with wires all over their interior, so somebody must know a good way.
The wires from my Scanmaster are dangling down in plain view. The cable is running along the side of the instrument cluster, down to the bottom of the dash, and then the loose wires from the cable to the ALDL and to the fuse panel are showing. I guess I could put that noise shield thing back, the one that covers the bottom of the dash and sags down. But it looked bad to start with, and it's in the way if you need to change a fuse, or anything else. and it wouldn't do anything to hide the cable, just the loose wires. I guess when the weather gets warm again I'll put a clip under the dash to at least keep the loose wires up out of the way, so they don't get caught on something.
What would be really neat would be a way to put the Scanmaster display in front of the relatively useless boost/tach gauges.
Yeah I decided to do basically the same thing today, I just set it to the left of the steering wheel and ran the wire down the little crack between the instrument cluster and the rest of the dash, it keeps that wire hidden pretty well all by itself.

Only thing I didn't know is which pin the white wire goes into on the ALDL?
Installing the Scanmaster
1. Disconnect the battery negative cable under the hood.
2. Mount the Scanmaster inside the car on or under the dashboard radio "pod" or
wherever is convenient.
3. Extend and connect the black wire to a "good" ground.
4. Extend and connect the red wire to a fused power source, the "IGN" terminal in the fuse box is a good choice.
5. Connect the White wire to the serial data signal at the ALDL connector under the
dashboard. This signal is pin E, top row, second from the left. Either use a .125"
blade spade connector, or crimp/splice to the orange wire going to pin E.
6. Reconnect the battery and test the Scanmaster.

These instructions came with my Scanmaster 2.1. Hope this helps. Mike C.
I used a old phone in car charger so I can take it from car to car if needed.Also I can lend it out if some one needs it.
If you are wanting it on top of the dash, just above the instrument cluster, you can remove the instrument cluster panel, just a few clips by pulling straight out on the panel...then there are a couple of screws behind that to just loosen and you can drop the wires right down behind the instrument panel and then route them to the ALDL and any other wiring......that way it keeps the wires from being exposed going around the perimeter of the instrument cluster.