S/C Lesabre T-type Project


Some of you may have seen my silver 89 Lesabre T-type for sale here a long while back, but it didn't leave. Due to some unforeseen circumstances I kept it. I have decided to "restore" it and make it like new so I will have a very cool daily driver and for a lot cheaper than any car I would want to buy. I also decided while doing this to put in a L67, but could not leave it alone so I got all of this stuff:

All the KYB strut stuff:

3.4 S/c pulley

Rear ported manifold, coated cross-over to go with power log:

The XP Cam!!!

105# valve springs to go with modded retainers:

Double Roller Timing chain (to go with cam and v. springs):

Flow Tech Terminator Muffler (same as I have now but mine is falling apart)

3in Down pipe with hi-flow cat:

Springs(1.5 drop):

There is more then pictured but you guys get the idea.

Motor Mod List will consist of this:
Re-Programmed PCM (needs to be done anyway)
Power Log and rear ported man. (pretty cheap actually)
Ceramic Coated Cross-Over Pipe
Down Pipe (need one anyway and ZZP has one for a bonnie)
3.4 Pulley
Shift Kit
XP Cam
Double Roller Timing set
105# Valve springs
Modded retainers
Heat Shield for the intake or some other kind of Cold air set up
180* thermostat
High flow cat
Terminator muffler

I will post more once the project gets underway.

hope to see mid maybe low 13's?? Will have to see.