SAR Meet up August 5th/6th

Looking to get the Buick community together for a fun meet up in a (somewhat) centrally located part of Tx. Who would be interested? Friday is test and tune and Saturday is a bracket race. Trying to get a meet up of both the v8 and v6 guys out before the nationals in September. Already put a feeler out there on the V8 board and about 10 people are interested as of now.
San Antonio Raceway is:
1 Hour from Austin
2.5 Hours from Houston
2.5 Hours from Corpus Christi
4 Hours from Dallas.

Let me know what you think!
I'd certainly be interested. As someone who has dabbled in TR for years but who is a new owner it would be nice to meet like minded enthusiasts and owners to share the passion with. Hopefully this generates enough interest.

Being that I'm "local" in SATX it would be easy for me to make it.