saw a really cool race last night.


Jun 1, 2001
I was driving on 309 in my dads jaguar XJ6 an i was in the left lane and there was a black fourth gen camaro in front of me with some sweet looking weld drag stars on it and I see a GN pull out and head in our direction. I watch the guy in the GN pass me and I see that he has a cage in it. The two of them got lined up at a light and I'm looking at both of the cars: the GN has drag radials and a single 3" exhaust and is pretty loud with a real lopey sounding cam. The camaro I see has ET streets, skinnies up front and only one sticker one it, an NOS sticker. I see the two of them talking and then the camaro starts revving and holds it at what sounded like about 3000 rpm and the GN is powerbraking and whistling pretty loud. The light turns green and the take off with the GN leaving posi marks and squealing the tires pretty well while the camaro hooked and was just banging gears. I tried to keep up with them but it was no use, they had 10 cars on me by the time i was doing 60 which is when i let off. I really wanted to see that race but it looked like the GN was pulling on the camaro. Ive never seen either one of those cars in my town before so I have no idea what was done to them.
Did the GN have a sticker on the front or back windows? If so I might know whose it is, a buddy of mine just got his back.
That car didnt have any stickers. It looked like a bone stock GN if that helps. Theres only 2 GNs that I know of around here and that wasnt one of them, BTW, it had delaware tags.
Ah gotcha. I'm in willow grove, there's a lot around here. That might just be because Dale Cherry's shop is right down the street...
Oh yeah I go to school at upper moreland high school. I have a 79 malibu wagon that's a teal color woth an 87 GN drivetrain intercooler to rear. You might have seen me around, I know there's a bunch of turbo regals and GN's in this area.