Scam alert...schoyrp

Chuck Leeper

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May 28, 2001
I put the ban hammer on this guy early this am.
Now, Im seeing this..
As of 30 min ago he was snooping in the parts wanted section.
He's likely in as a guest.
626 got hit with a " an ex-member's widow has the part you want" with a fone number.
White pages say it's no good. However, I called it, and a woman's voice is on the answer mach message.
Anyone that gets a hit from this guy, LMK.

Got the same pm about a front mount. Some poor old widow. I’m smarter then him told him to fuck himself Lmmfao
Post his number, we can flood him with calls about the FM.......

Make him wish he was never here.

Just use a work number that shows generic, mine does, I'm sure there are plenty of us that have the same ability.

Tell him you need to go buy some gift cards and then clear it with your friend, the Ugandan Prince, and his accountant in Pakistan, and you'll send those cards along, toot sweet......
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Here ya go


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