scanmaster readings



can someone tell me which direction to go with these numbers.
af 07
lb 46
int 132
blm 90
cle 172
ats 114
rpm 825
tps 42
iac 20
fuel press 42 line off
this was in park at idle .
i'm running 55's with a red's chip
my o2 is a year old GM
plugs are 42's wires are mag 10mm
i've tried lowering the fuel press to 40 and that didnt help at all.
i also noticed the car seems to keep at a high idle till its above 165, dont know if thats any help.
You may have already done this, but I'd like to know what those numbers look like after you've taken a 5 mile or so ride around on surface streets (with stop lights and signs), and a short cruise on a highway, then come back to your house and record those same parameters after parking the car and putting it in neutral.

Humor me.
thanks dave well do .
oh i also pulled the last screen outta the mass air meter as per quad air..
Your BLM's at idle are bottomed out at 90. Not good. It can't correct anymore. Running pretty rich.

Do the drive like Dave says and report back. I bet your chip is little outta wack.

Running zero MAF screens? That what Red recommends for that chip?
Just by looking at the BLM's at 90 I would guess that to be a RA93 chip;) ;)Oh sorry now I read the whole post ad it is a RA chip

Go figure..