Scanmaster & Snap on #'s How screwed up is it?


May 10, 2003
These are all @ idle #'s
02-085-734 18.8-20.4 retard?
AF 06
L8 38-41
bat 13.8
Int 126-133
BL 129
clt 157
ATS 46
R 800
tps 44
IAC 38
NAl 00

Then I have a couple things from the Snap on scanner:
exhaust Oxygen - Lean/Rich going back and forth
Airflow gm/sec - 6
Load/LV8 - 33
Spark Advance - 27-29
o2 crosscounts - 3-10
Propor Setup - Lean/Rich going back and forth

So could you guys kindly tell me how screwed up this car is and where to start.Its a TTA by the way.
Is the snap on a modis ?? you have to have it in road test mode in order to get "correct" readings..normal mode would cause my idle to jump up a bit and screw with the readings...its also my understanding that at idle, the o2 sensor wont cross count much..That NAL you listed, is it MAL ?? If so, that's codes stored..and IAC's look a bit high...Whose chip ?
Ok,didnt know that about the snap -on.Anyway,I think its a stock chip.I have a couple other chips,one is an ATR Strip chip,Hypertech street chip and a Thrasher 92.These all came with the car.Would any of these be better?The only mods are 3" catback/no cat,2 1/2 crossover and DP,LT1 MAF w/translator,70 mm TB/plenum,33# injectors?,walbro340 w/hotwire kit,K&N,adj boost control.Its sits pretty much the way I got it.I am FINALLY getting the time to figure it out.Any help is appreciated.