Auto X-Ray

I have used the Auto X ray on my 93 camaro for a few years, it has always configured great and initialized fine. I tried to use it on my friends 87 t-type and it wouldnt comunicate. It asked for the eighth charactor, and on my car it was a letter, thats what it asks for, but on the buicks, it's a #. My buddies isnt the only one, so I know its a factory vin. I looked at the diognostic connector on the factory harness and its top pin is in a diff position than my auto x ray. Does that matter. Any help would be appreciated.
Because scanmasters for chevy's are different than those for the Buicks, and vice-versa. Different communications protocol.
That would do it. I just asumed they where the same. I have never seen a adapter harness for a buick. Just GM, ford, and chrysler. Do you know where or if I can get one? Thanks