Scared of my brakes

Brocks GN

I just bought an 86 GN 56K miles on it. I have been readin this message board for awhile and hear all the horrior stories about powermasters failing. I am actually scared to use the brakes, I try to just coast to stop lights using as little brake as possible. Should I not be that paranoid? Also every time I hit the brakes I hear the pump go on for a bit, Is that ok? Should I just go to vaccum brakes and forget about it?
I was like that when I first bought my GN, went to stop pedal went to the floor brake light lit in the dash, changed the accumulator everything was fine for a month or so, then brake light lit in the dash again, this time it was the brake switch, changed that too then a month later decided I wanted peace of mind and converted to vacuum brakes, no more power master horrors to worry about. I would convert it over to vacuum brakes and be done with it, just my $2cents
Yeah, your brake light lighting up on the dash or flickering on/off, brake pedal feel or travel, they are some signs of the powermaster acting up.