SCCA experience


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Well took the Z28 out to SCCA and had a blast. Just to let you guys know that never been there you have to try it for yourself to believe how fun it is. Its not that hard and its not too harsh on the car what most guys say. I'll take the GN the next outing and it looks like its set for Feb the 8th (pro bowl weekend).

In the morning till noon you race in your class and then take turns working the track then after lunch time its what they call fun runs when you can take on passengers and keep on running until they close. Very well organize group and all the guys there are cool and helpful.
Sounds like fun! I ran my GN a couple of times when they used to race at Barbers Point. Back then it was all cones so it was no big deal if you spun out. Maybe I'll join you out there.

I'm not too shure if now for that Sunday might have other plans that day or run either the morning or afternoon. Call me first before next week Sat.