School me on Hot Wiring please.

Basically you use the factory fuel pump power wire to power a relay. This enables you to run a larger dedicated power wire to the pump which in turn enables you do meet the current demands of a higher output pump.

Several vendors will supply you with complete kits. I chose Racetronix for my car;a very good ,complete kit.On a hoist,the job takes a couple of hours maximum.Basically, you are running a dedicated line from B+ ,usually on the alternator,through a relay to the pump. No chance of resistance in the circuit causing low voltage at the pump, and subsequent low fuel pressure. I would advise you to buy one of these kits as insurance,if nothing else.
Even on a stock pump it's good to upgrade the wiring to make sure it's getting plenty of voltage. But yeah while you're back there might as well install a better pump.

Not a hard job at all on a lift, still bearable if you need to do it on a driveway.
Companies like Racetronix usually offer the hotwire kit and a Walbro340 as a package deal.
Our tanks are easy to pull, and the upgrade to a better fuel pump is just more insurance. Nothing worse for our motors than lean misfire!
It's done so you don't blow your engine or head gaskets due to inadequate fuel flow. The stock wiring uses tiny little wires. The hot wire uses a big fat wire off the alternator. Remember wire sizes are like water pipes, the bigger the more flow.