Scorpion roller rockers 1.6


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These are for the 14 bolt GN1 aluminum heads. They will not fit the factory iron heads.

In perfect condition, only about 2k miles on them. They are 1.6 ratio and include the poly locks and guide plates. Rocker studs sold separately (I recommend ARP for Big Chevy, about $50 at Summit).

New, these sell for $298 for the rockers, poly locks, guide plates, and shipping.

I will sell for $200 shipped.
rockers 001.JPG

rockers 002.JPG
I'm not familiar with the M&A head. The pictures that I see of those particular heads don't show any offsets on the pushrod cups. These rockers have the proper offsets. I'd have to say "probably not" just based on what I see.
I am tempted as I have another set of gn1 14 bolt. I used the 7/16" arp rocker studs

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Bump. Very low mileage rockers for 14 bolt Champion aluminum GN1 heads (stud mount). Includes poly locks and guide plates. $200 with free shipping (continental US).

Here is a pic of them on my motor