Complete stroker motor pan to TB


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I am pulling this motor to freshen as recommended and am not going to keep my car a V6. I have a few options to install so its either LSA or single turbo LS. I can perform compression tests or whatever is asked once I pull. I can take videos of the car running etc....
Looking to sell my fully built and balanced motor with engine harness built for a FASTXFI set up, pan to plenum. Less than 3000 miles in 8 years, car sits in garage, gets an oil change every other month regardless of use, never ran hotter than 193 degrees. Complete with FASTXFI with edash , TCI TCU, custom 4l80e torque converter and Precision 6870cea. $18k or whatever we can negotiate. I might sell everything separately also.

Stoker 274ci RJC Girdle: ARP head studs. 4140 Eagle 3.400 crank, Molnar rods, and JE 9:1 pistons. 224/224 Custom Grind Cam. Ported TA performance SE heads with 1.60 rockers, Champion intake, and 72mm throttlebody. GN1 4 bolt headers, 46MM WG, 160lb injectors, Poly mounts, Executive RJC pullies polished TR6 with smart coil conversion.


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My buddy is building something similar. Is that an E85 setup? Did you have a chance to dyno it or take it to the track?
Just for clarification the engine is a 4.1 with a 3.625" crank not a stock stroke crank right?


This a stroker kit custom by David Husek. Everything was spec'd to build be me a 800+ motor with the 6870cea and E85.

I could be wrong on the CI as I am not an engine builder but I can attest to all the parts and have the receipts.
UPDATE All PM's answered.
I have decided to keep this one owner GN a 6 and sell the FAST XFI complete to swap with the Holley Dominator. I am selling my custom Grand National wheels 15x10 15x4.5 steel GN Wheels also. I have a few really nice engine harnesses, 2 complete stock AC for sale.
I got my hands on a low mile GN that I will be selling all the stock drivetrain, AC as that will be getting the LS:alien::ninja::alien:. I will post that sale on a separate post.
I might be interested in a nice engine harness. What are you asking for the best one? :)

Would the looms for it be available, too?