sd2, 80lb injectors, wideband, powerlogger, modded ecm, scan master


I have an sd2 chip that was originally setup with 160lb injectors, but can be user changed to whatever. $220+shipping

i have a set of 80lb injectors flow matched from turbo tweak. Works on a stock un modded ecm. These have about 300 max miles on them.

AEM inline wideband $140+shipping

Modded ecm from bob bailey. I have been sitting on this for a while. I bought to use with 160 injectors and literally only ran the car with those injectors for 10mins max before switching to the 80's above. This does not include the calpak chip; you will need yours from your existing ecm. It is setup for a power logger. $175+ shipping

Powerlogger, will include the chip for the scan master, but I need to get the scan master back before I will sell this. Price will be $170+shipping

Scan master I should have this back from the builder who is working on my car this week. Works great. $170+shipping

Going e85 with a fast is the reason for selling.
I will take the ecm let me know how much to ship 32097. Pm me with shipping cost and PayPal info please.

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Injectors have been sold and the sd2 is sold pending payment. I will go $120+shipping on the wideband.