Search for the perfect piston.....sorta


May 24, 2001
I decided while the car was apart that I would rectify several things that annoyed me with the engine. One of those things was the pistons.
One of those things was the noisy Wiseco pistons. The piston to cyl clearance was set to spec when built and it was always very noisy. Comparing the skirt diameter to the top of the pistons was a difference of .070" which IMHO, is way too much. You can actually see the compression rings exposed on all 6 bores.
I am going to run my Champion iron heads.
I have an Eagle rotating assembly (stock stroke crank) with their H beam rods. (listed as 5.967" length)
I would like to set the piston at 0 deck and make my squish adjustment with the head gasket.
Does anyone have any suggestions for piston choice? Is there anything off the shelf that would work?