Fishing Used JE Piston tops for sale

Rob Lyons

Just purchased my new JE 9.1 pistons and now I have to sell my old JE pistons. The pistons are .20 over stock stroke stock compression and are in great shape. I ran them for two years just street use no racing. They don’t have any carbon build up and are smooth no dings or pits. They were bought by me from gn1 as part of the stock stroke JE piston rotating assembly kit. I’m now going bigger turbo pte ball bearing 6766, and want to raise the compression for this turbo thru the piston tops so thats why I’m selling.
The engine is out of the car and ready to be broken down. I’m posting this ad because who ever is serious I will break the engine down immediately and get pics just gauging interest. Oh yeah I should probably list a price. Im asking $450 plus ride.