Dropped the oil pan to start to diagnose and source of knock. Help and advice needed…

My goodness!
Thats pretty cool to see the cam sprocket teeth inside the crank oil passages!
That means those plastic bits went thru the bypass valve on the oil pick up screen, then THRU THE OIL PUMP, where the gears tried their best to compress it, and SOMEHOW made it thru the oil filter and into the oil galleys.
Like I said, thats pretty neat!!
If you can't afford to pull it apart and fix it 100% now, how will you be able to fix it when it's completely wiped out a little ways down the road? I've learned this lesson the hard way. It sucks!!
Chris, I'm here in Ontario. I can PM you my phone number. That crank has to be ground/polished...and the rods likely need to be resized as they've seen heat and have likely tightened. Put bearings in it...and the rod bearings at the very least will spin. Same as the mains...they've seen heat so the mains will likely need an align hone or an align bore. There's a guy out in BC that races a GN powered Vega...his name is Larry...he knows me...tell him Brad says hello. Try and find him. He'll know a machine shop out there that he trusts. I recommend parking the car until you have the funds to have the engine rebuilt.
Rebuild it now. I know it’s expensive but you will have nothing but a block to work with if you put that back together the way it is if your lucky