Search function not working


Apr 18, 2016
Is it just me or is anyone else experiencing this issue with the search function not working over the past few days?
Every since crash its not the same. Noticed alot of old threads are missing pics...old I mean years old
Noticed it ~ 7 days ago, again. It pretty much sucks that it's gone.......I really relied on that feature over the last couple years.:(
I will chime in as well. "Oops something has gone wrong". Tried three different browsers with same problem. Certainly was a useful function.
Site sucks-ass now 100%

Way to go!

Try not to be such a goober. I'm sure the guys that run this site didn't plan the server crash and have spent a lot of time trying to fix it. Ungrateful surfers surely don't help and don't provide motivation for more effort. Maybe you should start your own buick site and see how it goes.

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any time the search is down most threads can be found on google just add turbo Buick to the end of your query and viola can read all night ;)
Site sucks-ass now 100%

Way to go!

And just what knowledge can we gather from YOUR free site, sport?

Please do provide a website address so we can all go there and obtain/use all of the knowledge you so willingly provide the un-washed masses.
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