Seat Foam?

Big Mike

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Jun 3, 2002
I remember a add about someone getting a order together about drive and pass seat foam.Does any one know what happened? Did it go through?I could not find it on the search.I thought it would be a good idea to have some and put them away for later.
Originally posted in another thread by Alan Faircloth 12/31/02:

The seat foam project is completed. We just need orders. The min. orders we need is about 70. Prices are $149.95 each or $269.95 a pair plus $9.95 shipping. These are being made using the original factory molds. Only difference is a little better foam for better comfort and durability.


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The last time I talked to Alan about this earlier this year, it seemed a lot of people were interested, but few were actually ordering. I hope it still will go through. I'd like at least 2 myself...

Wow seat buns ain't cheap. However I would be in for a set. Are these the seats AND the backs? If so that isn't bad.