Headrest Removal

Make a flat, flexible metal strap about 1" wide, and about 6" long. Smooth the edges, and cut/round the corners at the bottom. Insert the tool down the front side of the headrest post about 4.5". Push downward another 3/8" on the headrest and tool at the same time to release the detent; then lift the headrest to the anti-removal lock position. Repeat and remove.
Sounds more difficult than it is. If you are careful, you can substitute a hacksaw blade, but you have to keep it centered along the post to keep it centered to engage the detent and release.
I used the bent hack saw blade and it worked fine.
You may have to push it down several times.
I did that while lifting the headret at the same time
and they came right out.
If I can do it anyone can.