seems like somthin always happens at the same time!


Lead foot and a slow car
Jul 1, 2001
why is it that everythin that can go wrong will go wrong at teh same time? i had my started crap out.. my oil pan gasket and a pass. side motor mount. but now i have this high picthed whistle comin from what sounded like teh trans. someone said it could be the air pump... its only when in 1st gear and i get on it.. the only time i here it. and again my car is a 85 3.8 2bbl. what does teh air pump do? can i unplug all teh wires to it? am i loosin power havin it?
Are you talking about the smog pump whistling? If so, try taking that belt off & take it for a spin around the block. My smog pump just siezed up & was making hella racket & even started smokin'. We removed that belt & bought a smaller belt to route-out the smog pump. Seems to have even gained a little power. I'm not sure if it's a temp. or perm. fix yet, but so far so good.
I know exactlly what ya mean....everything goes wrong @ once. Around here if one car brakes they all brake. Usually just little pidly crap, but it still is very frustrating to deal with. I hope that my alt. problem is fixed, but only time will tell, if so it's time to work on "The Darkness" & it's gonna be very challenging...whoaa what fun. I also need to check & see if "The Ghost" has a broken motor mount itself, it's been too wet here to crawl underneath in the sand & look, so that's next on the agenda. Did you change your motor mount? Was it very difficult?
motor mount

ivee changed my motor mount bout 3-4 time and it gets easyier and easyier. teh hardest part ia to get around what i believe is the fuel pump? down there on the front of the block. i had to make a half moon wreench.. but now it take s me about 20 min to do everythin to it.. i dont know vout the pass. side yet.. thatsthe side i have to change. and about the whistle. my car has teh usual 1st gear whislte when i "punch it" but itts a high pitched one like a leaky vacume? i dunno. im gunna do away w/ teh pump and see what happens
mr 85regal, the air pump reduces hydrocarbons in your exhuast, disconnecting it will affect the ECM. How much I do not.

Tonya you felt a increase in power because the your bearings were seizing and robing you of HP. :( hate when that happens.
Re: motor mount

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[Bmy car has teh usual 1st gear whislte when i "punch it" but itts a high pitched one like a leaky vacume? [/B]

MIght be a plugged catalytic convertor. The exhaust may be squeezing out a joint or leak and making the whistle.

The smog pump is very easy to turn. It takes away no power from the engine, so there is no advantage to permanently removing it, IMO.