Selling on Gunbroker


Oct 23, 2009
Does anyone here have any experience selling on Gunbroker?? I have a once used WASR-10 AK47 that I want to sell to buy a new pistol or shotgun. I shoot at my parents property, but am not comfortable shooting the 7.62 ammo without a proper back stop. The shotgun and pistol ammo gives much more piece of mind and is far more practical whether for hunting or personal defense training.
I know this isnt answering your question but i have bought and sold over a dozen guns on Basically just like craigslist but for guns and ammo and you can negotiate to go through an FFL dealer like gunbroker if you prefer.
I sold my Siaga .410 on Gunbroker... got more than I thought I would (Set the reserve high.. was more fishing for a value than anything, but it hit it). Was easy, people buying seemed to know the ins&outs of purchasing them (shipping needs, etc.).

Just read a few ads, from people that look to have sold there for a while, to get your disclaimers and what not.

Got $1200 for this:

Just word your ad well, take GOOD pics, be clear on what types of payments you'll accept and how long you're going to wait before you get it to ship (I stated a certified check from a local, to my area, bank so I could cash it there before I'd ship)

Worked out great for me, didn't think the fee's were too bad.

Good luck.
I sold a couple on Gunbroker before. Good experience. FFL to FFL
What are you wanting for the ak? Clinton era stock or solid furniture?
When I listed the gun, I went to bed immediately after. When I woke up 4 hours later to get ready for work it had already been purchased with a buy it now feature for $850+shipping. So far the Gunbroker experience seems to be going smoothly. Just have to wait for the buyer to send the check over and his FFL information. I didn't ask a ridiculous price for it, I could have easy gotten more money, but thats already $600 more than I paid for it NIB 4 years ago. So I am still coming out way on top.
Hey Shane, It sold on Gunbroker very quickly. I just waiting to receive payment on it before I mail it out. I already used the money which I made on it to purchase a Glock 22, Hi-capacity mags, and ammo. I probably could have made even more on it than I did, but am still very pleased with what I got for it.