Sema show, something??


Jan 16, 2006

I am thinking off flying to USA and got to the Sema show in las vegas.
Are the BIG show now in 2-5 november??

Do you think it is worth the money and the tripp for me to fly to Las vegas and see this show?

What are the prize for a ticket to this event? Should/can i buy before i fly or is it ok to buy ticket when i am there?

Are there any TB there? :) I have never seen another TB except mine :frown:
It is a great show, not open to the public. Not sure how you sign up, my ticket is through a company I know.
Should be a good show for the new 5.0
As mentioned, it's not open to the public. However, getting a ticket from a business attending may not be too difficult.

If you can get in, I hear the show is fantastic. I have never personally been but I hope to one day. From what I understand, you could walk the show grounds 24/7 for the entire week and still not see everything there.