Semi-Auto pistol question


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Jan 10, 2003
Hey Guys,
Just ordered a Smith and wesson sw99 semi-auto .40 cal pistol. Wondering if anyone out there owns this gun...or it's clone....the walther p99. I love the features of the gun...but have never shot it. I have a friend that has the walther..and says he has had no problems. Just wondering what everyone else thinks of it....i'm sure i'll love it. thanks.
if i had the money, i would buy a walther p99 right now
it is based of the S&W 99 that you have, then walther did some tweaking to it.
they are both great guns, shouldnt have any problems with it
nice feature, think yours should do this, after u fire 1 round you dont have release the trigger but an inch or so, good for rapid firing :D
the custom grips you can get for it are nice too