SES light on and car dies in power


10's here i come
Jun 11, 2001
I just got the car running again and now if i give the car 1/4 thottle or it gets up around 3,000 rpm the ses light comes on and the car dies, like the power to the inj just shots off and it go's back to a idle.

My scan tool says the tps is 44 and the iac is at 00-01 now, not sure if its reading right. Could my iac have want bad, will it act like this if so.

The car is pulling no codes to.

thanks for any help
Start looking for loose wires and bad grounds.

I had a similar problem, and it was the coil pack/ignition module harness where it bolts to the ignition module. The bolt was loose, and the connector was almost completely unplugged. It just barely let the engine run. If I tried to put any pedal to it, it would just act like there was an anchor out the back. Hopefully you have something cheap like this going on.
Check the positive battery cable under the passenger-side header - more than likely it's shorting out on the header. If so, relocate the wire, and check your motor mounts too.
Now that you say that , the cable did burn on the header the other day, but i pulled it off, maybe the cable is gone now.

This does this in park, ive never had the car under boost yet only vac, any thottle more then 1/8 or 1/4 or if i let it slow rev to 3000 it just dies , fells like the power just dies to the motor . Then it falls back to idle.

sucks i really want to make it to the track but i need this fixed.

thanks for the help so far

Hey Kevin,

Does your car missfire and stumble or does it just seem like the fuel cuts off at a certain throttle position? Can you drive the car at low speeds?

I know it sounds like a long shot, but you may want to try another chip if you have one.

Also did you you check your maf like Reds said?

Hope you can make to the track before they close this year.

hey don hows it going , i seen your car at the track last week , runs a lot better then when i talked to you, iam the one with the 85 , talked to you maybe a year or two ago.

I will check the maf today if the rain stop a little, the only other chip i have is a race chip but i'll see if it helps i just wont drive it any.

I tried to drive it and it died, it doent seem like fuel [plus its a new pump and all]. It fells like the spark just died or gets real weak tell it hit idle then its fine again.

hey red does 17-18 on the vac gauge sound right for the 204-214.

be back soon
well i checked the voltage when i rev the car and it dies , there is not volt drop at all, the car is starting to pop and seems to smell like gas and smoking out the down pipe. Does this sould like the module or coil pack.

gotta tray the chip to.
I was having the same issue about a year ago. Replaced the coil and the car ran great with no further issues.

Just my two cents,

Hey thanks don , my brother has one at a friends house that he said he would get so iam just waiting on him, by the way i did check the chip to and maf and both seem to be working so i hope its just the coil pack.

good luck at the track , i hope to get a run in before they close this year.

I put a coil pack and module on today and still the same problem, Its like the spark keeps dieing or something, this started after the heads came off and new cam put in.

could it be the crank sensor or maybe a short.

Mines been doing the same thing except no SES light. Backfires and dies when it warms up. I was sure the new coilpack/module fixed it but it started acting up again. If you find a fix let me know.