Set of Gray Front Seat Belts

Here's a full set of gray front seat belts that I had stashed away for my own use but am selling them now. Belts are a little dirty and should be cleaned BUT they have NO bad stains, rips, tears, fraying, etc. You can also choose gray or black female ends that are in excellent shape. Cleaned these belts would look like new. Also have a set of the rear seat belt re - trackers that are in excellent shape.
Full front set $200. Rear re-trackers $45. $20 mailing for the fronts with or without rears. Rears are $15 mailing.
Thanks Mike


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Hey Mike, hope its not to much of a bother to get a pic of the date code/part number from the front set belt retractors. They are sown on & visible when the belts are all the way out.
Did you ever sell these? Looking for complete set for front both seats. Do not need rear. Looking for parts for my 86 GN. Thanks
Hi there, yes I still have both of the gray female ones. Really don't want to separate the pair. They are in very nice shape and I'd take $50 for both, plus mailing. Thanks Mike