Set of Kirban GNX syyle rims, 2 Damaged


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Mar 31, 2004
I have a set of 16-8 Kirban style GNX rims with 4" backspacing. 2 rims are damaged, 1 repairable, holds air, not sure if the 2nd one is repairable.
The other 2 rims are in mint condition, and have center caps to go with.
Anyone need spares, need a set for the track, or know a good repair shop!!!! Make offers!!!
Also have a pair of Hankook tires with a few thousand miles on them 245-55-16 size if anyone needs. E-mail me direct at
Here are a few pictures of the nice rims, and tires.


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How much you looking to get for the set? Any pis of the damaged ones? Would you seperate them?

The back spacing is perfect!! Whether you run stock size (255-55) or go to a bigger tire.I will get pictures of the damaged rims, and post them later today.
How much you looking to get for the set? Any pis of the damaged ones? Would you seperate them?

O.K, here are some pictures of the damaged rims!! Both are repairable.
Also the 2 tires in the photos are 245-50-16 Nankang tires, not Hankook (Same) Again, they have a 4" backspacing, (deeper dish) I believe the same as the original GNX rims. The front GTA's have a 4.5" back spacing.
Prefer to sell all in one shot, but will seperate providing the 2 nice rims are purchased. Shoot me an e-mail.


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PM me a price on all 4 of them shipped to a business at 80917. I really would like just the 2 nice ones, but if the price is right I will take all 4.
PM's sent. I will be at English Town for the Nationals next Saturday, and could bring the rims to avoid shipping charges if this helps anyone!!!