Shattered my drivers window need help.


Money pit
Mar 28, 2007
I shattered it some how when,I was replacing the window motor. But have a glass to install just not sure how to do it? Would you leave the regulator and motor installed and side the glass down to in and bolting it in or do you have to bolt to the regulator and then install just not sure so asking for help anyone?
leave the motor regulator and tracks
the window needs to be set where you can access the nuts that holds the glass into the horizontal bar , a little past half up theres access holes in the door shell
undo the 10mm nuts and remove the old glass parts .. ,
remove the glass guides with the fuzzies and the guide pin at top of door
slide new window in , theres a spot in the door that the guide post at front of glass and the nylon guide at the rear i take off and reinstall after glass is in door
pop the studs on the glass back into the horizontal bar and bolt it up ..not too tight
reinstall the guides and the pin at top of door where the where before ..usually the washers leave a mark to get them back where they belong
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