Sheet metal upper intake.


Going to be buried in this.
Aug 25, 2002
This section seems to be moving slow. I hope some of the things posted will get some of you guys to make your own parts. The reward is worth it.

So here is my sheet metal upper intake with a relocated iac.


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Yeah this section is moving a little slow. Personally I'd rather build something rather than buy it if I have the nessesary equipment.

What size its that T/B? Also that black line, does that go to your PCV? Looks good.
I agree with the slow move. I have more to post of other things. I just don't want to seem like a show off. I would just like other to post up fixes or their own idea's.

It's a 70mm throttle body off a Land Rover. Only because I like the challenged and no one else will have it. I like one off parts. I do race car fabrication for a living. The hose is for the PCV valve.
Sent you a PM.

If you got more stuff to post dont be shy about it. I like seeing 1 off stuff. But I guess there are soooo many companies that make almost anything for these cars ;) :rolleyes: