Shift Cable


Oct 13, 2008

I'm installing an aftermarket shifter, and I'm wondering if when doing this; do I HAVE to drill a new hole, or is it OK to use the factory hole and grommet?

b&M and hurst will require drilling a new hole.
you can leave the old grommet on the floor and fill the hole in it with rtv ,

depending on the shifter you may also need to remove the mounting bracket on the tunnel , you'll need to drill out the spot welds .

also depending on shifter you may have to trim up the console and possibly the shifter plate
Thanks, I have a B&M Pro Stick. It's pretty much installed, so I'll drill a new hole and be done with it. Do I remove the long rod going up into the engine coompartment, or is there another bracket I need to buy for that? There isnt anything in the box with the shifter to make it usable with the new cable bracket.

Thanks again,