Shift problems


I was at the track last Saturday, made a run and noticed the tranny flared on the 2/3 shift. When going down the return road it would not shift into 2nd until about 30 mph. When driving home I found out it would shift into 2nd at 30 mph, into 3rd at 43 and a slight rpm drop at 46 mph, which is when the T/C normally locks up, then a big rpm drop at 53 mph. I'm not sure if that's going into O/D or T/C lockup. The transmission shifted perfectly prior to that run. Can anyone tell me what might have happened? BTW, I adjusted the TV cable 3/16" looser and it helped. It now shifts into 2nd at 20 mph, into 3rd at 36 mph but O/D and T/C lockup remains the same. This is all at light throttle.

Thanks for any help.

Thanks for the replies. I thought if the governor spring came off it would cause early upshifts not late.

You were exactly right Jim, the spring was laying in the shallow part of the pan below the gov. Put the spring back in and it shifts perfectly again. Thank you all very saved me a lot of time and money.