Shifting Points


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Sep 4, 2001
What parts are involved in the adjustment of shift points? Would the incorrect spring in the tv circuit have anything to do with it? I have a BQ valvebody and the correct 86-87 tv cable. When I set the cable to GM spec (pull cable back, push pedal to the floor), I barely get one click out of it. At four clicks, the car doesn't shift out of first until 25 mph and out of second at 60mph. I adjusted it out to about 14 clicks to get the shift points more livable. Also, how easy is it to remove a Super Servo? I was told I should just push on it and remove the snap ring, and that's it, even while the tranny is still in the car. I pushed on it more than once and it's not seeming to budge. Does it take more effort because it's a "super" servo? Could this be my problem? Thanks for any help guys,
Servo has nothing to do with it. And you cannot just change it like that. There is more to it than that. Pan SHOULD be removed to set both clearence and to make SURE you "catch" band or you will have no 2nd.

The tranny was rebuilt by Level 10 about 2 years ago. I've never messed with the tv cable settings, but was told the car had the wrong cable on it, but was adjusted pretty close. I would have to put the shifter in second while at the dragstrip to be able to keep it from short shifting. The tranny would shift fine, about 5000rpm out of first, but shift out of second at about 4500. Well no big deal I thought. One day it slipped going in to 3rd gear twice, but then was fine. I pulled the pan and found crud. A local guru told me it appeared to be torque converter, so I pulled the tranny and tc. He had it cut open and sure enough, 8 fins tore loose. Got a new converter built and cleaned the pan, put it all together with a brand new, correct tv cable, but had to adjust it to 14 clicks to get it to shift right. Then the shifting points were even worse, 1st to maybe 4500, and worse from there, so bad it dropped to like 3000 when it hit 3rd, bog-city. So pulled the vb out and gave it to him to look at, got the Level 10 shift-kit instructions and he compared the vb to the instructions, pulled it all apart and cleaned everything out and everything looked good. Put it all back in and it's the same as far as the clicks and shifting go. I can't check the actual shifting points right now because the car just blows the tires off on the street so it doesn't want to shift into 2nd unless I let off, but I'm gonna try to find some time to find a road or maybe do it from a roll to see how the shift points are, but I'd guess they are still messed up. I know it's got a Super servo in it, a stage 3 Level 10 rebuilt, possibly a 10 vane pump (any parts that were top of the line about 2 years ago), a Level 10 shift kit and a 3000rpm stall tc. Any ideas on what the deal is? Just going with the problem of the tv cable not ending up in the 4 click region...what would cause that? I'm guessing/thinking it has to do with the tv circuit just due to the idea that the cable ratchets out only when the cable gets tight (right?) so if the spring in the tv circuit is too easy, it will then let the arm push the valve all the way in until it's gone all the way. With a comparison being that in a "correct" setup, the spring would be stronger, so it wouldn't let the arm/valve go as far back, thus causing the cable to ratchet out.....does that make any sense??? Any ideas guys? Thanks for any input,
About the servo, I guess I should have bee more specific. The local guru and I have talked about him redoing the valvebody, if he can find time, which he really doesn't have. He just mentioned that he would need the valvebody and the servo. I didn't think about it the other day before I put the valvebody back in, only after I was done buttoning everything back up when I happened to just look up at it. I had asked him how hard it was to remove it and he told me that you just push it in and remove the snap ring. So just being curious when I saw it, I just wanted to see how much, if any, it would move if I pushed on it to see how hard it would be to take out for him, if we end up going that route. Thanks again,
Anybody have any ideas on what to check or look for?? Any ideas on what is causing this problem??