shifts waaaaay to early in new transmission..causes?


Breaking parts
i have a question about a tranny i bought of a local builder. the tranny is rebuilt with lots of stuff in it for racing. my question is it shifts way to early. the TV cable ahs been adjusted to the right specs. when i manually shift the thing its fine and man does it shift nice an hard. but any other time i can fly through all gears and into OD by abouyt 40. i talked to the builder and he said to take my old governor out of the old tranny and put it in the new one just to see. he said htat should do it if not he will work it out and get it right. any ideas on waht could cause a car to shift sooo early. thanks for all the help
What is the right spec for the TV cable? I set the TV cable on some stock GN's, via the GM method, and all of them have different shift characteristics. Adjust the Cable according to how late or early the tranny shifts. Your buddy is right about the govenor too. Shift points vs. RPM's will change based on what governor you are using. HTH

Mike Banas
Is it a BRF tranny? If not, you should have rebuilt the original. If this is the case, you will want to put in your old governor, valvebody and servo from your original tranny into this one.

i have been told by a few now that maybe the TV cable is not working right??? is this possible? yes its a BRF tranny but i have a feeling its the wrong governor. what is the length of the tv cable on our cars i have some laying around i might try. thanks