Shipping a fender ??'S


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Jun 2, 2002
Guys can you tell me how & who you may have used to ship a fender?

If I remember UPS charges Hand carry cause a fender will not roll on the belts. AND UPS doesn't allow brown wrap.

USPO will take it but the oversize charge is usually HIGH!

How about FED EX GROUND? do the allow Bubble with a cover wrap?
I'm having a complete header pannel assembly for an old Merc wagon shipped here from Arizona by a guy who runs Desert Dog automotive transport (or something like that).

Don't have it yet but communication seems good, will let U know how it turns out if you like.

Costing $100 from AZ to St Louis.

I didn't think that was too bad.
I think greyhound hugs the coast NYC, Prov, BOSTON, PORTLAND
that is about 1 hour away.

Plus James would have to meet the pickup..

Drop off > to James front door sounds best so far.
JUST AN FYI: this post is in relation to "help BISHER out"