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Hey guys, i just moved from michigan to AZ. How much do you think it would be to ship my TR out here?? Anybody know of a good company for decent prices. I need to get that thing out here, i MISS it and itd be the **** out here. Thanks :cool:
I dont know any prices or anything, but man I am jelous of you. Arizona is the shizzle :D I love that state, summer all year round, cool nights, desert everywhere. I dont know if your into bikes or quads or anything, but you can pull over anywhere in the desert and unload and ride. Can't beat it.
elite auto trans. great company have used them for 10 cars now. last car was from pa. and shipped to chicago for 525.00 in an enclosed trailer on an 18 wheeler no open trailer crap. it took about 10 days, if your in a hurry it will cost more but i didnt care... no hurry. the number is 800-470-9904
Oh yeah, reliable shipping from canton,MI to pheinox,AZ, I think to get my dirtbike shipped out there was like 300-400 round trip.
Carey's auto transport, inc.

$650 from NJ to Phoenix 2/02, open car (there was a car above that leaked oil on my roof). $600 NC to Phoenix 6/04, open car: no problems. I had to meet them at a mall so they had plenty of room to unload cars.