short block availability


Sep 1, 2001
Anyone know of somewhere in LA area that would have a 3.8 Turbo shortblock. I thinking of places like PAW who I don't think cares them.

I dont know of any suppliers in the area, but I don't live there. One thing that I will suggest to you is that you can check engine core suppliers. They usually have all kinds of 3.8 n/a motors and if your lucky a turbo block. They are in the buisness of rounding up blocks and giving them to engine rebuilders. My dad found an engine this :D. They were going to send the turbo block in as a regular 3.8 block and the rebuilders probably would've scrapped it due to the fact that someone had put a big hole in the front of the motor. (turbo drain back 86-87) My dad got a complete shortblock like this for 250 I think.

Jerry Berger