Should i use this for laptop?

T- Type Tim

Vice Chairman
Jul 8, 2001
doesnt move that much air not sure if its worth taking it with me everywhere? opinions?
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Never hurts. Why do you think you need it? Overheating?

The fans will help, may be a bit noisy though. Have you checked to see if the fan/cooling unit is clogged up with dust?

I prefer the ones that angle the laptop forward a bit.
Laptops clean and running good, does get a little warmer than i like at times, these fans are low rpm and quiet, does seem to move much air at all
I have used cooling mats for my two laptops for several years. I bought Cool Master angled cooling mats. It has dual fans than can be moved around the mat for optimum cooling to your laptop's hot spots. The fans are very quite and move enough air for adequate cooling. I bought mine from Tiger Direct and they were around $25 a piece with s & h.