Shout out to GBGN1

Evening all, I just wanted to give a shout out to GBGN1 (Brian) for all the work he has done on my car over the last few months with the sportsman Xfi being installed last week. Brian is a true Grand National guru and has a genuine love for the cars and his work shows it. My car was a bit of a bitch at times and Brian handled it with patience and expertise!
I highly recommend Brian for any work others may need.

Sadly I’m being relocated to India for a few years but my dad and son will keep the wheels turning on my car while I’m away lol

The pic is from hauling the car from Montgomery back to my place in Mississippi


Thanks Chad, its been a battle every time but we came out on top. Chad's a true enthusiast . Always great to work with people willing to invest on good parts. All the best of luck on the new adventure.