Show pics of your trans cooler please


V6 on steroids
The time has come for me to install a trans cooler. I am trying to get some ideas on how to mount it.

I know some of you who moved your IC to the front installed a trans cooler/fan assembly in place of the stock IC. I am keeping my stock IC for now.

Also have any of you ran the B&M 70264 cooler? Or should I send it back to Summit and get the 70266 cooler instead?
I attached mine to the cross braces with heavy duty tie raps. :biggrin:


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I've thought about maybe trying to weld two strips of metal to the X brace and mount the cooler to that.
A good idea while you are adding a trans cooler is to also include a transmission oil in-line filter.
I had to move mine when I installed my FMIC because I had it mounted on the crossbars as well. Since I was taking of the SLIC and my scoop was FUBAR'd anyway here is what I did.


I cut up the SLIC scoop and mounted it in between the front airdams it fit in there perfectly and just rerouted my lines to the new location.





I think it looks cool and you can barely even tell its there.
Mount it in front of your rad, with the zip ties that go threw the rad. Do you still have AC? Or you can mount it where I mounted my oil cooler in the bottom left. Go with a bar and plate cooler.


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Thanks. Good responses.

I prefer to not use zip ties to mount the cooler to the radiator. Last time I did this the zip ties wore holes in the radiator. Not kidding here.

The mounting of the cooler inside the stock IC shroud is kind of a neat trick, only thing is how much air flow vs. front mounting it?

Beast TR is that a 70264 cooler you're using?
I installed mine where the slic was mounted. took a piece of flat steel and bent the ends 90* to attach to the frame. I posted some pics of it in an older thread about this. deren

This is where I wanted to mount it to the cross bars. I actually have a tube n fin one on there but just left it and mounted the bar n plate in front of it.

I used three of these rubber coated straps. They came from the electrical section at my local Lowe's.




I run the fluid through the radiator cooler first then the tube n fin and finally the bar n plate in front then back to the trans. One of these days maybe a trans temp gauge but for now just not in the budget.
heres mine in 87 , same cooler as the gnx, mounted as they did (less the small brackets on pass side , made center support bracket from home depot garage door angle , used the stock holes to mount

86 i have a derale fan cooled laying flat mounted between the rad support and bumper and between the air dams ,
i like the above post of the clever use of the stock I/C shroud for an air deflector
To be honest I can't remember but it is a B&M and looks like the 70264 that Jeg's has pictured so it could very well be. I ordered it a long time ago. As far as airflow I cannot say for sure, but I can stick my hand over the front of the scoop when my fans kick on and I can feel air being sucked in through there. I plan on sealing the rest of the area so that flow will only go through the cooler and up into the FMIC area.