Silicone for gasket? Can I?


Feb 12, 2002
Hello all,

I found a leak from my upper plenum to the intake. I also have a plenum spacer, so it could be located somewhere around there. I was wondering if I could use high temp. RTV silicone instead of the gasket (b/c its so thin). Im hoping this would fix the leak, or should I add the silicone on top of the gasket? Thanks in advance.
I think the Mease sheetmetal upper plenum was not machined flat, so it is not seating flush on the spacer. :(
Yes it is not a flat surface. Can I use silicone on the gasket to try and compensate rather than taking it to a machine shop and paying $$$?
There is a product call "Right Stuff" and it seems to seal better then the hi temp. silicone. I think this will also hold up well under pressure.
Is it new? If you're sure it isn't flat, return it. Unless, of course, you expected to have to machine a new part to get it to seal...