Slick or Drag Radial for TTA


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I want a 28' tall tire for my tta. Will a 28x10x16 slick work on a tta wheel without rubbing? Is there a drag radial that's 28 inches tall for a 16 inch rim? Thanks
Found it cheapest to buy drag radials directly through M&H. Summit was another $50 even with there free shipping. Fronts I went with Continental Extreme contact 225 50 R16...tire rack
I have the Mickey Thompson street street radial two 295/50 r16. 27.7" tall. They rubbed a tiny bit on the inside of the wheel wells. Just had to tap me in a little. Been running 1.49 60'times with them
I'm jealous. Having the same conversation over on the tta forum and they have 9' fords also. I will start saving